Remote Control

It is one thing to embrace the technologies of Home Entertainment and Automation, but operating it all is something else altogether!

An ALS installation can be completely controlled and managed by, easy to use, touch-screen remote controls. Choose from wall mounted screens located judiciously throughout your home, or a portable (hand-held) device, or perhaps a combination of both? Either way you will be in total command of all remotely controlled devices in your possession. 

Our remote control systems are custom programmed to enable absolute ease of operation. They are all clearly and logically labelled so that you know exactly what commands you are initiating. 

You can completely enable your Home Cinema from a powered down state to playing a movie, with the sound set to your preferred level, the curtains closed and have the lights dimmed with a single touch of the remote screen! It is so simple! 

Air conditioning, lighting, doors etc,anything with a remote facility can be incorporated into our custom programmed control systems. 

With an ALS remote control package you are in control of the technology.