Home Automation

A control and automation system integrates all the electronic systems in and around your home through simple and easy-to-use touch screens or remote controls.

Automating Your Lifestyle

Advanced automation systems are very intelligent and can determine the status of the home and environment. Pre-configured scenarios can be activated remotely or adapted to suit environmental changes such as temperature, lighting, time and moisture.

An automation system can be designed to control: lighting; security; home theatre; irrigation & watering systems; blinds & drapery; windows and doors; heating and cooling systems; and many more systems around the home.

Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring is a home wiring system that lets you combine telephone & fax lines, television cabling, sound, computer and internet connections at the one time.

Smart Wiring systems are designed to suit both your budget and lifestyle. Advanced Lifestyle Solutions has limitless possibilities and flexibility to make any home or workplace future proof. When you sell your home the system remains just as relevant for the new owners and can be easily changed to suit their requirements.