The Storybook Home Case Study

This picturesque home has evolved with the family for over a decade...

The Brief

The client required access to stored audio and video throughout the home, simple communication between rooms and a state of the art security system. Given the size of the plot they required remote gate entry as well as full house lighting control. Everything was to be installed as discreetly as possible with a simple to use control system allowing visitors to feel at home with the system.

The Budget

These was no budget ever set on this project but we were told “if it was our house what would you do” without going over the top. The end result spend With the constant upgrades and updates the total spend is undisclosed.

Audio Throughout the Home

The best solution for the family was a Sonos Sysem with 12 zones of independent music. All Music can be accessed in all bedrooms, main living-room and kitchen via a storage server rather than having multiple CD players in each room. Simple Communication Between Rooms The house is equipped with a phone in each room (except bathrooms), these phones are tied into a central Panasonic phone system which allows inter calling between rooms, and also acting as an intercom for the external gate entry. This was really important for when meals were prepared so everyone in the house could be called without the dinner getting cold.

Security - Home and Away

The security system incorporates 8 outdoor infra-red day/night perimeter cameras, with one position on the main gate entry to the property. The control system allows the user to view any camera feed on any of the TVs throughout the home. The client installed a Ness alarm system so it could be integrated with the Crestron control and lighting system. We configured the lighting control system so that the lights would be triggered on and off when the Burglar alarm was activated to alert people in the surrounding area of potential intruders.

Dedicated Home Cinema Room

The 8 seater home cinema provides the ultimate big screen home cinema experience. The whole family can enjoy films together and create that authentic cinema experience within the home. The client wanted an area fully sound proof from the rest of the house. As the client has a large family he wanted an area that all could enjoy without affecting other functions that could be going on around the home.

Remote Gate Entry

The Panasonic telephone system was chosen as we could integrate it easily with the gate entry system, allowing two way simultaneous communications with the gate intercom, and the ability to open the gates from any phone within the house.

Heard But Not Seen

All 6 bedrooms and kitchen area have in-ceiling Sonace speakers to help achieve the discreet look the client was trying to achieve. All speakers are color matched to their surrounds to ensure they blend in seamlessly.

Simple Control

By making the handsets and touch screens very simple to use, vistiors with no technical experience can dive straight in without the fear of doing something wrong. In the bedrooms and main living-room the universal Nevo remote controls were utilised in such a manner that the user could select and use any audio or video input- Foxtel, DVD, CD, TiVo in any room. The Kitchen and Cinema areas have the use of TMPC8 Crestron touch screen controller which ties each of the areas into the security system as already mentioned, giving access to CCTV images as well as gate entry.

Whole House Mood Lighting

A C-Bus lighting system was chosen for a number of reasons: (1). The client is always extending the property or updating different areas of the home so the C-Bus lighting system was ideal as the existing part of the home is never effected in an upgrade. But once complete the system works as one. (2). We could integrate mood lighting within each room with simple easy to use control keypads. (3). The whole house control system provided the convenience of turning all the lights off with a single button when leaving the property, and also would integrate with the Ness alarm system. Out of Sight, Out of Mind In order to fit in with the minimalist looks of each room, all source and control equipment was housed in a dedicated comms area within the house. This allowed the entire home to have access to any equipment available whether it be Sonos, DVD, music or CCTV.

The Final Verdict

The client really enjoys music, so the ability to access what they want when they want it really does meet, and in most cases, exceeded their expectations. The fact that little effort goes into how to use the system, as the control has been designed to flow logically when used coupled with an audio visual system that discretely sits very well into their everyday life. The client is so happy with the install that they have encouraged us to use the house to show potential clients the quality of our installs.