From the ground up

In this section we will be following one of our biggest projects to give you an insight into how we structure our work.

We at Advanced Lifestyle Solutions are big believers in the earlier you plan the better the end result for all parties concerned. To show you just how important it is, we thought we would follow one of our projects from start to finish and give you updates on how the project is going. Should you want more information on the project please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All too often we hear about architects and designers who understand the concept of electrical and electronic integration, but have no real project based experience of how it will work. While we know we can't take everyone on a site visit or walk you through one of our properties, we have done what we think is the next best thing.

Job statistics

Estimated value of the total building project:
Estimated value of integration project:
Stage of project:
 Pre wire stage (February 2010)

Timeline so far:

We actually began tendering for this project over 18 months ago. The architect wanted to make sure they engaged an appropriate building company prior to signing up any other trades people. Once the builder won the contract and we won the contract with the builder, we worked closely with the architect to design the audio visual, security and data for the project. The project is due for completion at the end of December 2010.

Advanced Lifestyle Solutions’ role thus far:

To this point we have worked extensively on the designs for the integration system. This project has been through a number of variations already so we have spent a long time re-quoting the system. The guys have run all electrical and C-Bus cabling as well as all underground mains and phone lines. In this time there have been numerous site meetings with the site foreman and our project manager. On top of this there have been a number of changes to the original design after discussions with our design team which has meant further variations to our original proposal.

Problems encountered

As there have been so many variations on the project already, we have to make sure that we have the latest plans and drawings for the project. Recently there has been an upgrade to the air conditioning units, which has reduced the space we have to run cables. This home is being fitted out with a lot of technology that results in a lot of cables. We have had to use cable trays to save space and keep the installation neat and tidy.

Positive outcomes from the project

This site has a fantastic foreman who keeps us up to date regularly on where the project is up to and what is happening in the near future. This allows all trades to manage their time much better and prevents any problems. He makes sure that all trades work effectively together which creates a real team environment.