Water Tank House Security Focus

A good security system seems mandatory – seems a guaranteed part of the build. When spending so much on building a home of course you want to secure it. Funnily enough it is the hardest part of a system to get right.

A good security system probably doesn’t look all that different to an average system- but it is when you need the system that you start to see the difference.

A security system is basically the backbone of a home- it integrates with many systems to give the user loads of control.

A good security system begins with a good alarm panel- we highly recommend investing in a panel for flexibility and control. 

In the H House again we went with our trusty Ness alarm panel- we have been installing this brand alarm panel for over 5 years and are very impressed with the product.

The house has room sensors detecting the interior with reed sensors to external doors and windows.

The Helios intercom panels enable pin code access to the house – the family have a number of pin numbers to keep track of who is coming and going.

Additionally when someone presses the button a video of the front door area comes up on every phone in the home.