Water Tank House Integration Focus

A good integration system brings all the features of a home- lighting, AV, security, energy consumption, HVAC together to work simultaneously via one simple to use remote control or built in keypad.

The integration system of a home is probably the most complicated area to get right – it needs very early planning to ensure the end result is simple and effective.

So much goes on in the background that it sounds cliched but planning is the key—

The BEST way to ensure the system works is to dedicate the physical space to your system in your house design. WE NEED ROOM!

Products get hot- and we all know AV gear hates being hot! To put it simply- AVgear goes into protection mode and shuts down when it over heats – so the system stops working too.

To prevent issues we encourage our clients to dedicate what we term a COMMS Room for all the home’s electronic control gear to be installed. This is a physical space which we usually plan fairly close to the garage measuring a minimum of 1m x 2m to get the best performance from a system.

All the gear is installed into custom built racks to ensure all products have enough ventilation and probably equally as important- all connections between products are as short as possible and without any interference – preventing more complicated issues.