Water Tank House Automation Focus

Automation systems are an interesting topic—the term automation when referring to our industry is often confused or blurred with integration. They are not one and the same- something can be automated but doesn’t necessarily mean it is integrated.

Automation systems come in many varied forms. It really is a how long is a piece of string situation- what does the client want and what will their budget allow.

In the instance of the H House the automation system is fairly basic - while of course maintaining a very simply to use interface.

There are a number of different automation platforms- Crestron, AMX, Push Controls, RTI …… all are at different levels of cost and function.

The H House we opted for perhaps our most cost effective product Push Controls.

Push Controls operates the following areas of the home:
• Televisions
• DVD Players
• Foxtel
• Windows
• Blinds

All gear is controlled via a Push Control (by Clipsal) processor with an iPad/phone interface which is super easy to use and navigate. I have seen 2 year olds easily use the interface first hand.

A lot of people lump ‘Automation' into the too hard basket, but in reality it couldn’t be any simpler- it is all in the planning.