Water Tank House Audio Visual Focus

Homes are getting bigger- living spaces are becoming less defined- open plan living is here to stay. It does make installing an audio visual system to a modern home quite interesting- we want to hear it and see it but not see it all at the same time.

To add to the issue installers face- finishes in a home are becoming more and more challenging for an AV installer too- the interior finishes are no longer needing ‘finishing’ with the rise of plywood and other timber finishes. We usually get one chance at cutting out our cabling and mounting our products.

The H House wanted a distributed audio system. We went for a SONOS music system and Sonance in-ceiling speakers. Installation required a fair bit of planning to ensure cabling was run in all areas the clients requested.

In this situation the clients use dedicated iPads to control their music. The SONOS system is very user friendly and the installation of flushmount speakers made the system very unobtrusive to the overall finish of the home. 13-Nov-2014