The most photographed house on the Great Ocean Rd

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Easter is nearly upon us and that means holidays are also! Yay! If you’re planning a getaway on the surf coast you’ll be sure to notice at least one thing on your travels; the iconic Pole House in Fairhaven.

On many a road trip when I was little, I used to imagine up elaborate backstories as to who lived there & what it would look like.

It always had its own mystique! I was lucky enough to see the project take shape first hand and standing on the balcony it was funny how many people tooted their car horns. Like it was rare to ever see anyone out there, I must admit I felt like a bit of a celebrity waving back at them.

More recently, Better Homes & Gardens and Postcards both did TV segments showcasing the newly renovated house.(check out our blog article on the house's construction to see the segment...)

We were thrilled to work on this amazing project together with F2 Architecture and oversee its transformation from an ugly duckling into a swan.
The original house (8m x 8m) had carpeted walls (eek!), a garish 1970’s colour scheme of browns and oranges & windows that wouldn’t even open.

In its place now is retractable floor to ceiling windows, a floating fireplace, stunning burnt Victorian ash timber cladding, glass balustrades on the walkway, Dynalite lighting control, Ness access control & motorised blinds.

The 2 main problems we encountered whilst working onsite were logistics and inclement weather. In fact majority of the work was done by hand because the house simply couldn’t be reached with cranes & machinery.

You may even want to experience more than just a drive by... from all reports a stay in Australia's most unique home will set you back around $2660.00 for a week... hmmm...


Pole House from Swarm UAV on Vimeo.