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What'd you think about The Block wash-up? Personally I was shocked that the order of the auctions determined the outcome of the results but perhaps what I was most amazed about was the willingness of people to purchase these 'luxury' apartments without the inclusion of some of the most basic luxury items I would expect in a high quality home...

I would be lying if I said I was over ‘The Block’…. My husband and I LOVE a good reno show and are always daydreaming about whether we would be any good as a contestant on the show.

I must admit I really don’t know if I have what it takes to be a good contestant- I know Michael thinks he would do ok but I wonder whether I would be able to make those big risky calls that win you the big bucks.

What I do know is if I were buying one of these apartments I would want more than what they are dishing up. I often think the judges on ‘The Block’ have lost site of the bigger picture a little—all too often it seems that couples have won and lost rooms because of ugly pillows or mismatched artwork rather than design elements.

Lets not forget that these apartments were expected to sell for top dollar. The people that do eventually live in these places will expect a particular finish. I don’t know if that has been achieved…


Saying this, there were a few things I did like on The Block---

 The inclusion of the Fermax Smile Monitor and Skyline Front Door Station… This is a great inclusion for your front door- gives keyless access to the common areas of the apartment block and offers video of who is wanting access in your apartment. Nice.

Vergola Roofing over the terraces—control your environment using a remote control… how easy is that!


Motorised TV Lift in Kyal & Kara’s Terrace—well what can I say- a TV is ugly, why not hide it… and it makes for a neat trick when friends are over.

Zip Tap in Alisa and Lysandra’s Kitchen. Having the ability to make a hot cuppa at any time is a must! 

Underfloor Heating— well who wants cold feet.. Though I do question it’s economics being electric.  Perhaps a hydronic option would have been better but perhaps required more planning in the early stages.. We love Devi Floor Heating from Devex Systems. 



I am constantly asking myself how can they be building these amazing apartments and not include some of the most basic of 'luxury' items.   From all reports, Channel 9 purchased Dux House for $5.9m they have said all series that their prospective buyers are expecting luxury finishes…


If I was going to buy one of them I would have expected… at the VERY least...


Lighting Control

These apartments are two storey, three-bedroom, three-bathroom mansions. Considering their brief was to design a luxury home can you honestly imagine it’s habitants walking all the way back from their secure car space to their bathroom upstairs to turn off a light, or walk up the stairs half an hour before you want to have a shower to get the heated towel rail working? Installing a simple lighting control system such as C-Bus or Dynalite would make the home work for the home-owner… they could turn all their lights off with the touch of one button.

Security System

I’m very surprised that considering the amount of money splashed on these apartments security never even rated a mention. Perhaps what most people don’t understand is that a good security system acts as the backbone of a ‘smart’ home… turning your alarm on or off can set your lights to a predetermined level to greet you when you get home- or could simply shut your house down when you are set to drive away. 

Surround Sound audio

As a society we love our TV and movies. There has been such advancements in sound technology that a basic 5.1 system at least to the main areas of the home would be a minimum expectation- Don't even get me started about multi room audio!  

Like I said- at the VERY least... Take a look at a few of our installations to see what you really can achieve for a luxury finish.