Sonos multi room music system - another word from a happy client

A happy client comments on their experience with the Sonos multi room music system.

We undertook a major renovation of our apartment 18 months ago and Advanced Lifestyle Solutions were engaged to implement the design and installation of Media Equipment. I had seen Sonos installed in other peoples homes and after talking with Michael and Sally decided to have it installed into or home.

I am a music lover, never a quiet moment at home, so the ability to be able to select and play music in any room of the apartment, which is quite large, was a fabulous option. 

Radio streaming also allows us to play not only local but also our favourite international radio stations at any time of the day. If you choose to install Sonos make sure you add to your ‘Radio Favourites’ - Quatre Vingt Neuf point Neuf (89.9) Paris, France, surely the greatest jazz music station available! 

The after sales service from Advanced Lifestyle Solutions has been exceptional and I have been so impressed with the system and the service that when we developed our new venue for MoVida, MoVida Aqui, I asked Michael and Sally to install the system there so if you happen to be dining there you can hear it in action. 

Peter Bartholomew- part owner Movida, Movida Next Door, Movida Aqui & Comme Kitchen.