New Sonos Touchscreen Remote Control

The Sonos Multi Room Audio System has introduced a new touchscreen remote control to it's repertoire. We take a look at the new features...

Sonos introduce a new touchscreen remote control...

Sonos have recently released their newest addition to the family- a touchscreen remote control. The new remote replaces the larger more clunky version of their controllers.

We love the new remote- it is smaller and sleeker which fits in with modern decor much easier. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • The original remote control mirrored the iPod style of navigation with fixed buttons and scrolling functions.        The new touchscreen model has more of the iPhone functionality. It still has a few hard buttons for volume control however. 
  • The user interface is much easier to operate than the original remote control- it is more responsive and generally quicker to respond.
  • The new touchscreen remote control enables the user to operate the the remote with one hand as opposed to the original remote.
  • The most obvious different is the sheer size of the unit- the new unit is much lighter and sleeker.

The new Sonos Touchscreen Remote Control is available from Advanced Lifestyle Solutions.

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