Light it up!

If you are an Architect or Designer you will appreciate the role of lighting in the overall "look" of a project. Let Advanced Lifestyle Solutions help you implement a lighting system for your next project.

Let us take the guess work out of lighting design...

There is such a range of lighting types to consider: general lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, task lighting and architectural lighting just to name a few! From a small pantry light to a showstopping Euroluce pendant light, ALS has integrated these into a home automation system.

With the introduction of the BCA’s lighting restrictions, now is the time to be even more mindful when considering a lighting design. This is where ALS can advise on what new products are available to achieve the best finish.

LED lighting has come a long way; Brightgreen, winner of 3 national design awards, is one type of LED Downlight that we have used in past installations. Whilst the initial cost may seem a lot, these will pay themselves off in 2 years.

Home automation can also help you get around some of the new lighting regulations. By installing occupancy sensors and dimmers, energy usage & cost is dramatically reduced, and over-illumination eliminated.

Take a look at our gallery to see some of the different examples of lighting we have installed...