LED Lighting technology

This article looks at the new technology available in LED lighting. It dispels many myths and promises that LED technology has promised us in the past.

Technology advancements you can rely on...

For so long now we have heard the preaching of the LED lights- we hear about how advanced the technology is and how they will change our lifestyle. We as a company have invested hours sourcing LED light fittings to install into our projects only to be underwhelmed by their performance. The light quality from the old LED technology was far too directional- the globes would throw the light in a very narrow direction- in effect the room had dark patches and felt cold and unwelcoming.

We can say now with much confidence that this result from LED technology is a thing of the past. We have sourced a fitting that gives the equivalent light that you would get from a 50watt halogen downlight. These Australian designed light fittings finally met the expectations of consumers and installers.

Benefits of the new LED light fittings:

  • light levels match that of a 50watt downlight in only 16watt LED
  • has a solid state fan to keep the lights cool, effectively increasing the lifespan of the globe
  • zero fire risk; compared to an halogen downlight that runs at 300-400 degrees celcius, these globes reach a maximum of 65 degrees.
  • fast payback period; with a 2 year payback period for homes the return is much faster compared to 15year payback for solar panels.
  • new design ensures reduced glare
  • 90mm hole cutout- same as for a 50watt halogen globe means a no mess no fuss conversion
  • lasts 15 times longer than the halogen globe and 5 times more efficient
  • exactly the same colour temperature as the halogen globe: 3000k
  • dimmable and gimballed
  • 55 degree beam width while maintaining the lux intensity.

As you can see, the advantages of these LED globes is obvious. Advanced Lifestyle Solutions are offering a demonstration of these globes to show you how easily you can convert to LED technology. Should you wish to organise a demonstration please contact us on 1300 664 771 alternatively click here.