CEDIA Integrate Expo 2014 wrap up

Keeping your finger on the pulse in our industry is no mean feat- the CEDIA Integrate expo is an essential part of our professional development. Here is a concise wrap up to help you stay ahead of the game...

Broadband  - Security  -  Air-con  -  Solar are the 4 main areas to focus attention when building a new home- invest your time and money into these areas for the biggest benefit in lifestyle quality


BAN Body Area Networks will take-off. We have already seen this with the Apple iWatch video released recently. Healthcare monitoring, sports and fitness will benefit from this.


Affordable home-kits for the Connected Home these seem like a good idea but our experience has never been good-- put the effort into structured cabling to make the most of your investment.


Controllers will be mobile devices ie, a phone or tablet- we love Push Controls as it allows custom design to suit anyone's lifestyle


The Australian Smarthome market will grow to nearly $1bn by 2017


Wireless hubs in the home will be the norm- infrastructure in most major project is already very sophisticated and this will only continue- if you have the opportunity spend time and money establishing good services structure for optimum performance.


Energy efficiency & sustainability will always be the foundation of good design-


POE (Power Over Ethernet) lighting has the power to shake up the electrical industry- question is how far will it go?